Shooting, brawl add to what residents say is constant chaos in South Beach

Source: WPLG

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MIAMI BEACH, Fla. – Miami Beach police are investigating multiple incidents that occurred just blocks away from each other over the weekend, adding to what residents are saying is constant chaos in South Beach.

Cellphone video taken at Mega Pizza shows two men arguing early Sunday morning.

Things quickly escalated and one of the men was punched to the ground, kicked and then dragged out of the restaurant.

Police showed up shortly after.

Visitors and residents told Local 10 News more about the mayhem on Miami Beach and what they think fuels it.

“Drugs and alcohol,” one woman said. “There was an altercation and the cops came and separated them.”

“Shootings — that’s more of a rare thing to see,” one man said.

Another alarming incident occurred just a few blocks away as shots were fired near Drexel Avenue and 13th Street.

In that case, one man was taken to the hospital, but he has since been released.

“I’m like a block away and I wouldn’t think that, you know?” one man said.

The person responsible got away and remains at large.

Crime scene investigators took over the corner where the shooting occurred for hours, working to figure out what happened.

Both incidents come as the battle over last call continues.

Next Tuesday, residents will have the opportunity to vote on the issue, but it isn’t binding. It’s a straw poll, which will allow the city to hear where residents stand on the issue.

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