Slip and Fall at the Mall? Who is liable for my injuries?

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A day at the mall can be an enjoyable experience for you and your family, unless there is an accident. If you have a slip and fall at the mall it is likely that you’d expect the owner to be responsible for your injuries. Before you can hold the mall owner liable, there are a few factors you must prove in order to get compensated. When you work with a Coral Gables slip and fall attorney you can share your side of the story and explain why you feel they should be held accountable. Ultimately, after speaking to a personal injury attorney in Coral Gables FL, you will know if you are entitled to payment.

Slip and Fall Accidents at the Mall

Unfortunately, people often have falls and they can be caused by a variety of things. A person losing their balance on icy pavement or tripping on an uneven sidewalk can lead to an injury. In addition, faulty handrails, wet pavement, poorly designed shoes, and loose wires are all things that can lead to someone getting hurt.

In commercial personal injury cases, a judge will want to see a number of factors proven if you are to hold the mall owner at fault. These factors include:

-The owner being aware of the issue that caused the fall and not fixing it

-The owner being aware of the issues possibly causing a fall and not doing what a reasonable person would have done to prevent the injury

-The owner creating the issue that led to the fall

You will need a personal injury lawyer in Coral Gables Florida to help you present the case in court and to show how the mall owner is responsible by proving these factors. A Coral Gables personal injury attorney will also negotiate on your behalf if a settlement will be considered.

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