Suspect facing murder charges enlists help of defense attorney

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If you are accused of a violent crime, it is in your best interest to secure the help of a Miami criminal defense attorney to plead your case in court, as every individual deserves to have a fair trial.

According to NBC 6, a southern Florida news station, 23-year-old Jonathan Rico faces murder charges following the killing of 42-year-old Rafael Villafane-Rivera. He has also been accused of conspiracy to commit first-degree murder and tampering with a witness. On May 1, he was denied bond by a Miami-Dade judge.

The source reports that Villafane-Rivera was initially betrayed by his girlfriend, 23-year-old Lisania Quintero, and two other individuals who conspired to kill him on the evening of October 28. Their attempt failed, and Villafane-Rivera agreed to testify against 24-year-old Ysrael Granda, who had been arrested for the crime.

Approximately two weeks later, Rico, Quintero and 19-year-old Wilber Granda, Ysrael’s brother, allegedly conspired to kill Villafane-Rivera, as he was the only witness in the case.

Rico’s Miami criminal defense attorney claims that the evidence linking his client to the crime is purely circumstantial. The suspect’s family has also come forward in his defense.

“My son has his faults and personality the way that he is, but a murderer, I do not believe my son is capable of doing that,” Rico’s father, who chose not to disclose his name, told the source. “I’m behind him 100 percent, and Lord willing this will open and the light will shine on him, he’s not guilty of this.”

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