Suspect in deadly South Beach shooting surrenders, states shooting was in self-defense

Alan Alt

The suspect in Saturday night’s fatal shooting in the middle of South Beach’s busiest tourist area surrendered to Miami Beach officers Thursday, police said.

Alan Michael Alt, 32, gave a statement in the tune of Stand Your Ground, saying he was attacked and “believed he was in physical danger.”

Alt is charged with second degree murder after the shooting of a 32-year-old man Saturday night at 14th Street and Collins Avenue, one block from Ocean Drive and the beach sands. Alt also got an aggravated assault with a firearm charge for firing a gun toward the Atlantic Ocean from the sidewalk side of the seawall at 13th Street.

Someone at least resembling Alt does that on the video Miami Beach police released Tuesday, a compilation of public and private surveillance cameras from Saturday night. Not on the video are the two men on the sand side of the seawall (last names “Chacon” and “Gold”) at whom the arrest affidavit says Alt fired.

Also not on the video is what happened at 14th and Collins.

The affidavit for that charge says Chacon and Gold followed Alt until he was around 14th Street, then spoke quickly to him.

Later, Chacon said he heard Alt say twice to the man fatally shot (name still withheld pending next of kin), “What are you doing? This is my corner.”

The man responded by grabbing Alt, both Chacon and Gold said. A tussle ensued that Alt ended with multiple shots. Another witness told police he saw the man run away with blood on his back.

Alt’s version, from a notarized statement: the man he would shoot attacked him from behind, knocked him to the ground, then jumped on him. He felt a sharp object in his back at one point and figured it was a pickpocket at work. He never saaw a weapon. But when he rose, so did the eventual victim, who Alt quoted as saying, “I’m gone —- you up, cracker.”

Alt got probation for reckless driving in 2008 and got another two years probation in 2016 for third-degree grand theft, misdemeanor marijuana possession and drug paraphernalia possession. An arrest for domestic violence in 2014 resulted in dropped charges.

Police have not identified the shooting victim.

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