Suspects who brutally assaulted elderly women during home invasion will need a Miami criminal defense lawyer

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Even people who commit the most horrific crimes deserve a fair representation in court, which is why it’s essential for these individuals to hire a Miami criminal defense lawyer to advocate on their behalf.

The two men who assaulted and robbed two elderly women during a brutal home invasion will need a Miami criminal defense lawyer once they are apprehended. According to CBS Miami, 91-year-old Berta Garcia and her daughter, 63-year-old Karla Vigon-Montenegro, were beaten and tied up by intruders who pretended to be delivery men in order to gain entry to victims’ residence on Thursday, June 13.

Law enforcement officials have warned that the suspects are dangerous.

“The [women] did receive facial injuries [and] head injuries because of the fact that they were being punched,” Alvaro Zabaleta, a Miami-Dade police detective, told the source. “If these individuals are capable of doing this, they’re capable of doing anything.”

The intruders stole money from the home and drove off in a white 2010 Lexus LS 460 that had been parked in front of the house. Nearly a half hour after the men left, Vigon-Montenegro freed herself and called 911.

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