Teens injured in parasailing accident may need Miami personal injury lawyer

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Parasailing is a popular tourist activity in the Sunshine State, but according to ABC News, the industry is very loosely regulated. “Since 1998 there have been 33 parasailing accidents in Florida alone,” states the source, adding that “six resulted in fatalities.” In situations like these, it’s important to speak with a Miami personal injury lawyer, as these professionals can help you seek damages to which you may be entitled.

Most recently, two teenagers from Indiana — 17-year-olds Sidney Good and Alexis Fairchild — were seriously injured when the line connecting their parasail to the boat snapped, causing them to crash into a nearby building. The incident occurred on July 1, leaving the victims in critical condition.

“You don’t get injured a little bit in parasailing accidents. The injuries are catastrophic,” a Miami personal injury lawyer who has helped survivors of parasailing accidents recover millions of dollars in damages explained to The News Herald.

Aquatic Adventures, the parasailing business that the teenagers were using, claims that it was adhering to necessary safety practices, and says that a full investigation is currently in place, reports ABC News.

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