Comments on the Best Divorce Lawyer (in my opinion) in Miami

I picked Scott Ferris randomly out of the Yellow Pages to represent me, when my wife of 14 years filed for divorce last August. Boy, was I lucky with my random choice! I found Scott to be extremely competent, and he was truly “by my side” during this trying period. He was not only my lawyer, but also my best friend, who would be emailing me occasionally at 1 a.m. when he felt that I needed his advice. He handled the depositions and the mediation brilliantly, and got me a financial deal as good as I could hope for. He gave me his cell phone number and encouraged me to call him 24/7, if I needed to.

His office staff is wonderful. Moreover, I found out that my ex-wife paid more than twice as much to her attorney, than what Scott charged me. With all his talents, care and compassion, he is even reasonable! What more could one ask for??