Justice against a corrupt police

I found myself sitting in jail in Miami Florida after an innocent night out at a bar I was harassed, unlawfully searched, and eventually charged. My faith in the system had been challenged and my options as shown to me by several “spineless” attorneys in the area informed me that this officer though corrupt would be held in finer regard when we went to trial. I felt abused by the legal system and disenchanted to say the least. Thankfully a friend turned me on to mr Ferris and I felt immediate relief . He was incredibly thorough and showed a willingness to fight back for my cause. That alone would have won my recommendation, but I am happy to say that above his effort that the proof of his ability was certainly in the proverbial pudding. He was excellent in questioning the officer and his actions on the night of the incident and even more dug into this corrupt polices past. To make a long story short the officer after being questioned refused to show up in court and my charges were dropped. I am very pleased to verify that Mr ferris was a better lawyer than I had ever imagined it is seldom that justice be brought to light in these types of cases and I’m thankful for this victory.