The best Lawyer in Miami and Florida

My divorce was extremely difficult due to my extremely hard to deal with ex-wife and an unfair post judgement. I tried hard for 4 years but my previous lawyer was going in circles not able to accomplish anything.

While desperate I searched for other lawyers and Scott Ferris came up as one of the best in Miami. I called him right the way, He was very kind, thorough and understanding of the situation. I had Mr. Scott Ferris represent me that same week. I hired Mr. Ferris in March 2015, he was so goal oriented and best of all REACHABLE!!!!!!! I went from not seeing my daughter to having fixed time sharing with my daughter regardless of how hard my ex-wife tries to sabotage the deals.

In just 3 months Mr. Ferris accomplished what my previous lawyer failed to do in 4 years! I was able to finally have time sharing with my daughter after 4 years of struggle.

Mr. Ferris is someone who is always looking for your best interest and willing to actually listen to your needs and worries anytime any day no matter what the situation is. Mr. Scott Ferris is a very impressive lawyer with his persistence and aggressiveness; no case is hard for him, he sets clear goals and pays attention to every detail.

Mr. Ferris proved me that good ethical lawyers exist! I am so glad there are reviews online because reading other people In situations like me gave me hope.

Mr. Scott Ferris is still representing me and if I didn’t have faith in his incredible abilities to deal with the worst people )my ex-wife, her father and their lawyer) I will not be sharing my personal experience.

So please if you need help with your divorce or child custody or support, I highly recommend Mr. Scott Ferris, he is simply the BEST!!I thank you Mr. Ferris.