Two men accused of impersonating officers to rob tourists

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Miami police are currently searching for two men accused of posing as police officers and robbing two Swedish tourists and a cab driver on July 16. Once caught, the two suspects may need a Miami criminal defense attorney to represent them.

According to reports, the incident took place around 5 p.m. at the intersection of NW 37th Avenue and 14th Street. Local cab driver Manuel Seminario was transporting two Swedish tourists when a silver Toyota in front of him failed to move when the light changed, CBS Miami states. Seminario honked at the car, at which point two men emerged and approached his taxi. The suspects allegedly claimed to be police officers, and one man “was holding what looked like a police badge.”

On the premise of looking for drugs, the two suspects searched the bags of Seminario and his two passengers, Ermina and Glenn Lennartsson. They then proceeded to pat down all three individuals and look through their luggage. The suspects then told the victims to get back into the cab, and drove off with their belongings.

Police have released descriptions of the culprits and are soliciting information from the public to help identify them. If apprehended, these men may benefit from a Miami criminal defense lawyer to protect their rights throughout the criminal process.

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