Victims of early morning drive-by shooting may need a Miami personal injury attorney

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While even the most stringent security may not be able to prevent all crime, there are vital steps that property owners, law enforcement officers and other authorities can take to make potentially dangerous environments as secure as possible. If such standards aren’t met, victims of violent crimes in these areas may have grounds to secure a Miami personal injury lawyer.

Miami-Dade police officers are currently investigating a drive-by shooting that took place between 5 a.m. and 6 a.m on Monday, July 15, and left three individuals injured, including one 15-year-old boy.

NBC Miami reports that the shooting occurred near Northwest 21st Avenue and 62nd Street near Lincoln Fields apartment complex. According to the source, police had arrived at the scene an hour prior to the incident to break up a large and unruly crowd that had formed. However, it is clear that the imminent danger was not dispelled by the authorities, which may provide cause for the victims to consult their Miami lawyer.

Police are still in the process of questioning local residents, and have yet to release details about potential suspects. WSVN-TV reports that authorities are currently searching for information about a white pickup truck that may be linked to the crime.

All three victims were in stable condition after the incident, NBC Miami states.

If you have been injured due to an accident or violent crime that may have been prevented if proper security measures were in place, consider calling a Miami personal injury attorney to determine if you have a case. Scott A. Ferris, Esq. is an experienced Miami lawyer who will give you the personal attention you deserve and can help you ascertain if you are eligible for damages. Contact him at 305-670-3330 and he will return your call whatever the day or time.