West Park woman accused of attempting to kill child, BSO deputies say

West Park woman accused of attempting to kill child, BSO deputies say

A West Park woman is facing multiple attempted murder charges after she threatened to kill a young child inside her home and several Broward Sheriff’s Office deputies, an arrest report said.

Prissila Vargas, 30, was arrested Tuesday shorty after she called her husband, Daniel Monert, 33, and said, “Say goodbye” to a young girl inside the home before she hung up, the report said. Detectives would not disclose whether the child is the daughter of the couple.

Monert hurried to his home at 40 Miami Gardens Road and called 911 on the way, telling a dispatcher that his wife was mentally unstable.

When deputies arrived, they heard the child crying somewhere in the home.

According to the report, deputies opened the unlocked front door and said, “Sheriff’s Office,” but received no answer.

Deputies said they saw a spent shell casing on the floor and withdrew from the home for their own safety.

A sergeant saw the girl walk close to the front door and called out to her to come outside. The child was immediately driven away from the area.

Authorities said that shortly after the child left, they heard several gunshots inside the home, while they continued to ask Vargas to come outside.

Deputies said Vargas appeared in her doorway several times and fired at deputies. She is also accused of firing at a robot that was sent inside the home, causing more than $1,000 worth of damage.

According to the report, Vargas eventually left her home and was arrested by deputies. Detectives said Vargas admitted that she had fired a round into a wall while the girl was inside the home.

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