What Circumstances Warrant Child Support Modification? Or Alimony?

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Family court matters involve some of the most complicated cases in the legal system. Child support, child custody and dissolution of marriage all have numerous component parts that often involve hotly-contested litigation. Child custody lawyers in Miami face complicated family court matters on a daily basis and that is why contacting the law office of Scott A. Ferris is in your best interest if you are seeking a modification of a child support order or modification of alimony.

Child-support orders can be modified upwards or downwards based upon changed or unforeseeable circumstances. It is very often that one of the parties makes an application to have a child support order modified because the individual paying child support has obtained new employment and is receiving a higher salary. Conversely, the party that pays child support will sometimes make an application to the Court for a downward modification in child support because they lost their job or if the other party has gained employment and no longer needs it. Unforeseeable circumstances can also be the basis of an application and some common reasons cited are death of a family memeber, sudden illness or act of God requiring an upward modification.

As for alimony modifications, similar factors apply. The spouse that is paying alimony will request a downward modification of alimony if the spouse receiving alimony has become employed or has re-married (in this case it would be an application to terminate alimony completely). The spouse that is receiving alimony will request an upward modification if the party that is paying has received a raise or has become employed at a different job that pays more money than they were making at the time the alimony was ordered by the Court.

In either event, consulting with child custody lawyers in Miami is in your best interests. The law office of Scott A. Ferris is available to consult with you and will explain your rights and remedies if you are seeking an upward or downward modification of child-support or alimony.

Retaining child custody lawyers in Miami is a wise move since the Family Court can be frustrating to navigate if you are representing yourself. Arguing cases before the Court and dealing with inevitable delays in your case can be overwhelming if you have never handled such matters before. For these reasons, Contact the law office of Scott A. Ferris today and schedule your initial consultation so that you may begin on the road to an upward or downward modification of alimony or child support.